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How We Work


We lead the construction process on behalf of the owner. It’s one of our acknowledged strengths. Involving our team early is the key to gaining the full value of your relationship with PCi. Your success is our business. We work hard to understand your overall business objectives and customize your construction project to your needs. This allows PCi to facilitate and guide the decision-making process to reduce costs, add value and keep the project on budget and schedule. It’s a process and partnership that guarantees your facility will be completed right the first time.


Our business excels as a result of people working well together over the course of the project life cycle. We form successful alliances with clients, design professionals and vendors and suppliers. To create the most effective, dynamic and flexible team for each client, we match the individual strengths of our people with the unique requirements of a given project. Such teamwork provides a variety of advantages: seamless project management, shorter learning curves, cycle time reduction, improved productivity and cost savings.


We earn our customer’s trust by effectively managing the risk that is inherent in any construction or renovation project. We have the people and systems in place to deal with every major area of risk assumption.


Our Field Management continually assesses site safety. PCi is the leader in providing comprehensive, regularly scheduled training programs to all PCi personnel, subcontractors and vendors.


We have proven processes and systems to cost-effectively stage every delivery and every phase of a complex project.

Cost Control

Value engineering, computerized cost estimating databases and sophisticated project tracking tools are all part of our focus on serving the financial interests of our clients during the project life cycle.


It’s the result of following demanding Government and Regulated industry guidelines and procedures at every step in the project and carefully choosing only the very best suppliers, subcontractors and supplemental resources that ensures the success of your project.

From Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Government facilities to corporate offices and Retail centers – completed on time and on budget, consistently far exceeding the client’s expectations - Expertise that reaches from the board room to project managers to the skilled tradespeople onsite.


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